Why Facebook?

We have a draw right now to encourage people to fill out our survey and “like” us on Facebook. I thought I’d share some of the rationale behind the campaign. First, the details. Fill out our Christmas Survey here or like us on Facebook and be entered to win a Euro style knife block set from Paderno worth $130. And yes, if you do both, you’ll get two entries!

So why are we doing this?

The survey has two goals: finding out how we’re doing and what direction we should chase in 2013.

Revelstoke is changing, along with the rest of the world. How does a small retail shop compete with the big dogs? By offering great service, knowledgeable staff, and unique, responsible products with great warranty backing. We do our best, and want to see if we’re hitting the mark. Results: so far, so good. We can improve on our special order process, but our warranty coverage is great and our staff know their stuff. Af ew concerns about prices, but the majority of our customers seem to feel they get good value for their dollar. Don’t agree? Fill out the survey!

As for 2013, I (Nicole) am starting a management role in January and would like to make sure I’m working to make the store everything that Revelstoke wants it to be. There are a few questions to guage where our strengths lie, which areas of the store are the most important, and where we can streamline the business to keep the inventory fresh. Is there something you wish you could get in Revelstoke that we should be carrying? Let us know, and I’ll do my best to get fit it in to our ordering process. More on this later in the post!

Facebook. Love it or hate it, it can be useful. I know I “facecreep” on a lot of my old friends; keeping up with the growth of kids, new jobs, new homes. I’ve reconnected with more friends than I can count by finding out they now live close by, or are driving through Revelstoke on a trip. For the business, it allows us to connect with our customers in an interactive format. Mind you, this requires our customers to interact with us :). Most of the posts on our Facebook page relate to new products in the store, upcoming classes or demonstrations, useful information pertaining to a question we got from a customer, or asking for feedback on a topic. We humbly ask for your attention and hope that we provide value for your time!

One of my (many) plans and projects for early 2013 is to post on Facebook (and the website) from the trade show on a daily basis. We do a lot of our purchasing at the end of January when we get to talk in person to our suppliers. We can see new lines, new products and new colours. I’d like to think we have decent taste, but it could be even more helpful to get the direct input of our customers! Like us on Facebook and we’ll make you part of the team!

So, back to our ordering process. This is something I’d really like to work on for several reasons. Right now, as an independant retailer, we deal with a LOT of suppliers. We want to be able to bring in all the best gear for your kitchen and home, but we need to stay competitive. If we spread ourselves too thin, it slows down the ordering process and drives up our costs (and therefore our prices). I’m going to be looking very closely at all of our suppliers to see how best we can manage our inventory so that we don’t run out of key products and we can bring in your special order in a more predictable amount of time. This may mean that we will stop carrying certain products. If this concerns you, fill out the survey and let us know what is important to you! Like I was saying, I think we have decent taste, but we’re not mind readers.

I hope that this has given you an idea of what is going on in the store at the moment and how you can play a role in our future. This is your store, Revelstoke!


Nicole Cherlet