Welcome to the New Look!

I hope you enjoy looking around at the new site :). We have some exciting changes coming up this winter, and this is just the beginning. A big thank you to Tennille from Revelstoke Computer Whiz for the site overhaul!

For now, you’ll be able to browse some of the items we have on sale with our Harvest to Holidays event, but soon you’ll be able to browse many of our other amazing products in this beautiful new interface.

If there’s something specific you’d like to see in our website (or in the shop), contact us and let us know! We love the feedback 🙂

Also, in the interest of boosting our visibility with all the great new residents (and some long term residents who might not know us so well), I’d love to ask you to put in a review for us with Google! Just search for Chantilly Kitchen Revelstoke, then click the “review” button in our business listing. Thanks so much in advance!