Umbrellas for the Rain Forest

We live in a rain forest. When it rains, it comes down, straight down, for hours.You may enjoy singing in the rain with the kids on a day off, but if you’re attending one of the many weddings in town, it can be rough on the up-do.

I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been anywhere in Revelstoke to buy good quality, stylish umbrellas. Since we are happy to host wedding registries, and weddings in rain forests deserve beautiful umbrellas, I thought it would be a fun time to bring in a line of durable umbrellas from Abbott.¬†Some features to note:

  • strong, flexible metal spines that are flexible to handle the winds
  • 100% waterproof polyester, good for rain or shine
  • come in a wide range of styles and colours
  • we will be happy to handle any warranty concerns (as always!)

Planning a wedding in Revelstoke?

Revelstoke is a beautiful place for a mountain wedding, whether you’re a long time local with strong roots here, you’ve moved to Revelstoke and want to show your family and friends your new home, or you just love the mountains and want a destination wedding that isn’t so far from home. The challenge comes when planning for the weather. Backup plans for outdoor venues are a must, since rain can roll in at any time. Enter: the versatile umbrella / parasol. Great for photos, keeping the tan lines to a minimum (that beautiful dress might leave some interesting patterns), and protecting the up-do from the odd microburst of showers.

If you are looking to order multiple umbrellas for your wedding party, use the code RainyWeddings2016 to save 10% when you order 4 or more! Please let us know in the notes to seller when your wedding date is so that we can help make sure they arrive on time. The progress bar will show you how close we are to placing an order (click on any umbrella to see our current status!)

Rain or Shine