Turkey with Benefits

From Savage Delights at Revelstoke Current…

“Buying a turkey makes you feel as though you are finally cooking with the big boys. Or girls. Turkey demands a staged operation: from vendor to platter needs thought, organization and some equipment.

Intimidation by turkey is fairly rational. Even a small 7 lb turkey can look big when you look inside it. And those legs!  For anyone unfamiliar with poultry anatomy, it’s a leap of faith to think you can somehow render this large Thing into something both presentable and delicious. What on earth are all the flaps, and what’s that triangular bit at the nether end?”

Read the full article to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this traditional meal!

An important part of preparing an ambitious meal like Turkey is to take inventory of your tools to make sure you have everything you’ll need before you start. (we always have customers rushing in on holidays to pick up meat thermometers; and yes, we are open on most holidays. Only closed Christmas Day and Boxing day). Leslie has put a tools list in her article so be sure to check it out!