Total Transformational Testimonial

Anniversary Dinner in Revelstoke

On March 24, 2019 we began a journey guided by Glen as our health coach using Auto Immune Paleo Reset. Having watched him and Nicole successful loose over 60 pounds that took him/them over a year to do. Seeing their weight loss with a change in food and life choices and his mission to change was successful and he reached a milestone that impressed us. 

As Glen explained how he and Nicole managed to achieve this goal, and, having lived his journey he asked if we were interested in following a guided plan beginning with an immune reset for 28 days. We decided to embark on our new way of eating and living, wanting to make healthier food choices a way of life. We challenged ourselves to remove sugar and breads/carbohydrates from our diet during the immune reset from THE HEALTH COACH INSTITUTE. He was a quiet teacher and guided us with helpful information. Glen sent us an app “MYBODY360” for my Phone; it included meal plans, food choices, shopping lists, and a method to record daily progress as a formatted diary. 

This journey of 4 months has unearthed a desire to succeed and make it happen in our lives. It was hard, but something that our Drs. had wanted us to focus on for years. Our desire to loose weigh was one of our goals, but not only that, we wanted to be healthier and fitter to keep up to our grandchildren and travel more.

Once we completed the 28-day reset it was a natural progression to continue on a 90-day weight loss program with Glen’s guidance and support. It was intense to start, recording everything daily, but it made us accountable, and fed the desire to complete the program. We tracked our daily activities, our input and output, meditated daily, something we had never done consistently each day.

Something happened over the 4 months, we become happier, healthier and lost weigh too. We were amazed that we did not feel deprived. We did occasionally have some desserts, treats and carbohydrate but chose wisely what to indulge in. It is amazing how we have mental clarity and sleep better with less weigh to carry.

As we pause and reflect over the passed 4 months we realize what happen and our family and friend have noticed and commented on our appearance and the changes. Our Drs are impressed and happy that we took the challenge. 

We want to thank Glen for the motivational calls, the books, pod cast recommendations and the supportive help.  We are pleased with where we are today and plan to continue with our new way of living and eating. This program is very helpful and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be healthy and grow old stronger. The coach connect program was very helpful with my MOFAS [motivating factors, on my fridge] and anchors to help us. And last but not least we’ll recommend this program as a way of life to anyone and refer them to Glen for assistance.

We’ve just begun…. A great approach to healthy living! 

Jeanette &  Bob Cherlet (Mom & Dad)

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  1. Jeanette Cherlet says:

    Thank you again; for posting our Our testimonial. And we hope it helps others make a life changing health decision for a better, and healthy life.

    Take the steps to feel good.
    Good luck and healthy eating!
    Remember you matter!

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