To cater or to cook?

Catering is a rarely understood industry. Unless you’ve worked in a busy commercial kitchen; experienced the heat of the line, the rush of the service staff, the “look” from the chef, I don’t know that you could ever really understand. Cooking for your family at home is a very different experience than cooking for a group of even 30 people. If you ask someone to do this for you, be aware they won’t have much time to participate in the event itself.

When you hire a caterer for your wedding, you’re passing off this important part of your party. Bad weather, cranky babies and even grumpy relatives can all be calmed by a good meal and attentive staff.

There are cost savings to be had, but with them come limitations to your service. Do your research, and be honest with yourself about your budget and your vision. You can go with a traditional Italian buffet from Emos, a glamorious plated meal from La Baguette, or mix it up with a personal visit from the Taco Club. It’s your party!

Which brings me to Glen, our resident chef from Begbie BBQ (and my husband). We’ve catered events at the Revelstoke Seniors Centre, Mulvehill Creek, Smokey Cedars, and will be working at the Catholic hall this summer. BBQ is perfect for outdoors, all day venues as the prime cuts and cooks take between 4-12 hours! (Half of your uncles are going to get a kick out of watching). For great meals with a southern BBQ flare, he’s your guy. You can see photos of past events at, or find him on Instagram and Facebook.

What have your experiences been like with catering at weddings in Revelstoke? We’re lucky to have so many great food options here in town. Which caterer gets you excited when you see them on the invitation?