To all the hard working Dads out there!

Hi Dad. We don’t talk as much as we should, and I can’t wait to come home for a visit this fall. You have always been a big supporter of local, hardworking manufacturing. You introduced me to scotch, cast iron, and horses. You taught me what it was to work hard for what you want, and not to take no for an answer. You’re the reason I’m so chatty, love the outdoors, and respect different points of view. Richard, this sale is for you! (and yes, I’ll be bringing you home a new piece of cast iron when I come!) Love, Nicole

To all the Revelstoke dads out there (and wow are there ever a lot of you!), thank you for being amazing. You bring your kids mountain biking, rock climbing, to soccer and softball, you play dressup and have tea parties when necessary. You deserve a big hug, a cold beer, and maybe a new BBQ toy? 😉

For all those looking for some ideas on what to get dad, here’s a few to get you started! Pop into the shop to see more ideas, and get him something he’ll love.

Sorry, this dad isn't included!
Sorry, this dad isn’t included!

Bath Robe

Because this is a win-win gift. How often has he walked the hallways in his gitch? Give him something soft he’ll want to cuddle in! Mention this post, and get 30% off in-stock bamboo terry robes!

BBQ Tools

Something about the grill attracts all men. Glen will be holding a BBQ celebration and discussion on June 14th, so bring dad down for a chat in the morning, and you can sneak in and get his gift while he’s distracted!

Join the Rod & Gun Club for Father's Day Fishing at Williamson Lake!
Join the Rod & Gun Club for Father’s Day Fishing at Williamson Lake!


Get dad a filet knife he can take on the boat without fear. Twin Master from Henckels is a german steel blade with a bright yellow handle that’s easy to spot. At only $22.50, you can add some other fish and seafood accessories to make a gift package!

Sushi Night

Does dad like to make his own? Maybe he tries, but rolling is a little tricky? We have a Japanese rolling mold for larger rolls, rolling mats for the traditionalist, chopsticks (included stainless steel), cast iron teapots, bamboo steamers… you get the idea 🙂

Lodge Cast Ironskilletbrush

Made in Tennessee, pre-seasoned and ready to use. Cast iron is easy to clean, adds dietary iron to your food, and gives great flavour for searing meats (no BBQ? this is the best alternative for steak and burgers!)

We’ll even pitch in for your gift; buy any Lodge skillet, grill or dutch oven, and we’ll add a free bonus gift to your purchase! (while supplies last)