The story behind the Big Mtn Life Campaign

Starting on Saturday, September 29th (the same day as Luna!), we’ll be hosting an online and instore conversation about the Big Mountain Lifestyle. It will run for six weeks as we discuss various strategies for better decision making. I encourage everyone to participate, especially businesses and non profits! Let’s get the word out 🙂

Why Big Mountain Life? When we live in remote areas like Revelstoke, we are more aware of the impact from limited resources. Whether it’s time, energy or money, we make decisions on a daily basis on things like transportation, food, shelter and clothing. In the more metro communities, these limitations are less obvious and we see consumption for the sake of consumption without as much thought on the consequences.

Free Same Day Shipping is not “free” per se; there are other costs that we don’t see, like the energy and fuel consumption to move those products.

People who live in mountain communities seem to be more conscious of our choices; we’re interested in the how and the why. We’re more focused on function rather than fashion, we’re typically on a tight budget, and we really don’t want to call 1-800 to talk to someone about a warranty issue.

This is not limited to those who live in Revelstoke; I’m making generalizations to carry the point. Big advertisers like to tell us that we “deserve” to have all the things, we should buy them now, perhaps on credit.

The #BigMtnLife campaign is about enjoying the things we have. About learning to use those tools for a better life, rather than let them collect dust in our closets. About fixing and reusing things instead of throwing them away, and reducing how much we put in landfills.

The world needs us to make better decisions.

I’m not suggesting that we start anything with this; so many of us are already doing incredible things for a better planet. We can learn from each other, we can share strategies that work for our organizations, and we can celebrate the successes with the broader public. Not just our own community, but all those who visit as well. These ideas need to spread.

The conversation is centred around 6 R strategies;

  • Refuse – Single use plastics, “convenience” items that are not necessary, any merchandise, packaging or general consumption that seems unnecessarily wasteful. 
  • Reduce – if you can’t refuse, be conscious of what you do use. 
  • Reuse – as long as safely possible!
  • Repurpose / Redesign – If no longer suitable for its original purpose, how else can it be used?
  • Rethink – take time to reflect, to discuss changing our habits. Do we really “need” something, just because that’s the way we’ve always done it? 
  • Recycle / Rot – the last resort. We would like to partner with local providers to explore local recycling options, and give an update on community composting.

I wanted to start with encouraging local businesses to get involved, because I know we all do our best every day to make better decisions. Our customers and members might not be aware of those efforts, so let’s shout out together!

Bring this up with your colleagues, it can be great water cooler discussion. I have 2 main questions for discussion;

How does your business or organization live these strategies in everyday operations?

How does your business or organization support our community in making better decisions?

Use the hashtag #BigMtnLife, and we’ll post the collection on our main campaign page,

If you’d like to be part of prize packs or have an idea for a challenge (think halloween costumes?), please reach out to us!

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