The Perfect Gift from You to Revelstoke

Wondering what to buy for a friend, colleague or loved one living in Revelstoke? Not sure what they need right now?

Introducing REVY. Bucks!

The Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce is embarking on a new ongoing program to help keep dollars local. REVY. Bucks is a tool that will allow customers to purchase e-gift cards that can be spent at any participating business in Revelstoke. This program will be ideal for consumers who wish to purchase gifts locally, while giving the recipient some freedom of choice for where to spend it. It is also a great option for businesses to consider for staff bonuses and gifts, if they want to ensure that local businesses are supported as much as possible.

From Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to be participants in the new Revy Bucks program, a way to send a local gift with no stress over choice. Your recipient will be able to redeem their gift certificate in store or here on our online shop!

Mind you, if you’re certain you want them to enjoy a #newsheetsday or add to their #castironaddiction, you’re just not sure on what size they’d prefer, we do offer online gift certificates that can be programmed to send by email on a particular day, or physical gift vouchers that you can put in a card.

Let Nicole read you our email to our customers

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