The Hungry Toque – A Love Letter to Local Food

Glen was so excited when he started talking about getting “published” – his pulled pork recipe is something he shares with anyone who asks. His passion for true BBQ – low and slow over wood – is shared with so many in Revelstoke. Now, when someone takes a bite of a slider at an event and asks how he made it so tender, he can direct them to get The Hungry Toque – Revelstoke’s Cookbook!

This cookbook is the brainchild of Josh from Dose coffee and Myles from the Times Review. They’ve done a beautiful job bringing together imagery from Anthony and recipes from chefs in Revelstoke.

The stories of the local Farm to Table culture celebrate the revival of farming in our side of the Columbia River Valley. We have more growers and farmers every year, supported by the work of Melissa Hemphill, Revelstoke’s Food Security Coordinator. Get your copy of the book to read more about Terra Firma Farms and Greenslide Cattle Company!

BBQ Catering and Big Mountain Coach

It’s been a while since we talked about Glen and his role here at Big Mountain Kitchen. Last summer, he was my co-host for our Market Demos at the Farmers Market. We shared basic kitchen skills and talked about the benefits of things like cooking with cast iron and fermenting vegetables for gut health. He’s a certified Health Coach and is building up his practice, talking with people about what they’re eating and when.

He also offers on site catering with his company Begbie BBQ & Catering, making delicious meals for small to large groups. Glen is one of the go-to options for family reunions at the campground, weddings in the back yard, ski trips at a house rental.

For Summer 2020, Glen is doing something a little different; he’s taking his BBQ story on the road with Rob Reinhardt and Prairie Smoke and Spice, one of the Rib Fest teams of Western Canada. Rob is a World Champion cook and Glen will be able to bring his BBQ skills and knowledge to another level. They’ll be traveling all over BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan with the Rib Fest Tour, something Glen has always wanted to do.

You’ll still have a chance to book Begbie BBQ for your spring events until June 10th, and then he’ll be gone until the end of September. Glen has 2 Instagram accounts you can follow along with if you’re interested in the journey; BBQ fans will want to follow Begbie BBQ & Catering, and those looking to balance healthy choices with lifestyle preferences will enjoy Big Mountain Coach!