The Dress

Located at 308 First St. West in Revelstoke, Judy’s Designs provides alterations services for all your wedding party needs. Judy has over 30 years of experience as a dressmaker/designer and can tackle pretty much any sewing job you could imagine. She is able to alter clothing for men, women and children (and dogs too, if necessary). If you are planning a wedding, be sure to stop in and introduce yourself. She can offer you suggestions as to what to look for when you are shopping for your wedding clothes and give you a general idea of what the different types of alterations are likely to cost. If you have fabric that you want to use for table runners or other decorative touches, talk to Judy about finishing them for you. Being a very skilled seamstress, Judy is busy with at least a two-week waitlist at any given time. So be sure to book well in advance of the wedding so she will be able to complete your work in a timely fashion.

For more information, drop in or call at 250-517-7046.

Arranging for the clothing for the wedding party can be daunting. Let’s face it; it’s pretty easy for the men, all in all. Tux shops have it down to a science. But, do you shop for the bride and her attendants at bridal boutiques, online, have dresses custom made? There are a lot of options. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Bridal boutiques are wonderful in that you can try on a number of different styles of dress in person and (especially for the Bride) get a sense of what style of dress is most complimentary to your body type and fits your personality. The attendants are generally quite knowledgeable and do try to be helpful. They size you and order your dress accordingly. They usually know the way the sizing works for each of their suppliers and can usually gauge pretty close to what you need. They can be a bit pricey and if you get them to do your alterations, they will tell you to estimate anywhere from 50% up to the cost you pay for the dress as the cost of your alterations, which you pay on top of the dress costs. Boutique prices can be up there. That having been said, they do try to carry a range of price points to satisfy many budgets.

Buying wedding clothes online can be very cost effective. There are many websites to choose from and the prices tend to be very competitive. The challenges with ordering online are numerous: You don’t get to try the dresses on before you buy. The sizing charts can be a bit dodgy. Often there is fine print that you don’t notice unless there is a problem and then you find you are stuck with a dress that turned out to not be what you were expecting (for instance the size you need doesn’t come in the length you want. Delivery times can be very long, up to two months. That having been said, many people have excellent success buying online. Of course you will then have to arrange for any alterations to be done.

Having a dress or dresses custom made for your wedding can be an option as well. There are definitely some drawbacks though. To put it bluntly, it’s expensive. In my experience as a dressmaker/designer most women don’t know what gown styles are most flattering for their body type and choose a pattern that (in spite of the seamstress’s advice) they are determined to wear. This can be devastating when the finished dress doesn’t meet the bride’s fantasy about how she will look in it. The materials are costly and you can often buy a dress from a boutique or online for the cost of the materials alone. However, if you have something very specific in mind that simply isn’t out there to be bought, this may be the best option for you.

Once you buy your wedding clothes, expect that you will need to have alterations done. Be sure that you check that the seamstress or tailor you choose has a good reputation. Understand that it can be very difficult to estimate accurately what it will cost to do alterations. Most dresses are lined and you often can’t tell how much work it will be until you open up the lining and see how the garment was constructed. Allow at least a couple months from when you take your garments to the seamstress until you need to pick them up. A good seamstress will be busy. Working on wedding clothes requires a high level of skill and focus. She will want to work on it in shifts, not all in one or two marathon sessions. Depending on how much work she has lined up ahead of yours, she may not be able to get to it for several weeks from when you drop it off.

Buying a wedding gown and attendant clothing should be fun and exciting. Knowing what to watch out for can help to keep it that way. Happy shopping!

-Judy Lillace/Judy’s Designs.