The BBQ and the Grill

When the warm weather arrives, cooking outdoors is a must. There’s nothing like it. Family, friends, fun times, all in one place, what’s not to love. So you’re sitting outside, and the family is getting hungry, and the decision comes, to grill or BBQ? What’s the difference you ask?


One of the best things about BBQ’ing is the controlled environment over wood or charcoal heat. Cooking slowly with low temperatures of 150-230 degrees F and injecting flavours of smoke and spices provides a taste you won’t soon forget. The classic meat choices are pulled pork shoulde, brisket, chicken, ribs, and seafood, but all kinds of meats and vegetables benefit from the smoke. There’s just something about BBQ flavours such as cherry, hickory, apple and alder can add just the right touch to any dinner.


Grilling, with propane or natural gas, is usually done hot and fast at temperatures ranging from 350-500 degrees F. Grilling is best suited for burgers, steaks, wings and sausages as well as those veggie stir frys. Add deliciousness by finishing with sauces and butters. Although grilling typically has less flavour than true BBQ, it is much faster to fire up a gas grill than to start a charcoal BBQ. How do you spend your time?

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