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BMK1924 – Danesco

This is one of our favourite kitchenware suppliers – they are a true partner to us independent stores. Like all of our suppliers, they let us handle the warranty issues locally in Revelstoke, and often provide parts where appropriate. I’m excited to bring in wide collections this fall through the website, I’ll be listing several […]

5 Ways to use a Tiffin Box

“Tiffin” means different things to different people. The term originated during the days of the British Raj, and was used to refer to afternoon tea, to push out the traditional Indian light meal typically eaten at a similar time of the day. The word was adopted into Indian culture, and depending on which part of […]

3 Steps to Effective Fall Meal Routines

Come along on my journey to #HealthyHabits Life likes to get in our way. We’re always “busy”. Whether we consciously choose our actions or we let habits take over, priorities get set and trade offs slip through. Do you realize what you’re giving up with the choices you’ve made? Have you chosen your habits wisely, […]

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