Summer Cooking Inspiration

Ah, summer. The time of outdoor play, long evenings with friends, and fresh produce everywhere. Sometimes, we can get carried away with purchasing all these beautiful, crisp vegetables and fruit, then we struggle to eat it all before it goes to waste. As we try to inspire you to prepare your own meals instead of trusting to corporate efforts, let me present a few tips to get you motivated!

Go with what catches your eye, then find other items that compliment.

We’ve all been caught; the beets jump out at you from the market box. Delicious, you think. But then, what to make with them? A quick search on our ever-present smart phones will give you a few quick ideas to help fill out the rest of your basket with complimentary vegetables, maybe an inspired herb or seed.

Beware buying too many “interesting” items without a plan on how to use them; they’ll be more likely to go bad in your fridge before you can use them up.

Think of shopping as choosing a “menu” until the next shopping trip.

A smart restaurant uses the same ingredients over and over again throughout their seasonal menus. Try doing the same at home; beet salad, spiralized beets in a green salad, sliced (or spiralized) beets on your burgers and sandwiches.

Repurpose leftovers so you and your family don’t get bored.

We want fresh food to be fun and delicious, not boring. Everything can get boring if you don’t have enough variety. Sometimes you’re better off saving an ingredient for tomorrow’s recipe if it has enough life left, give your family a break from the flavour. Or, turn it into a mixed vegetable medley on the BBQ.

Keep it Fresh as long as possible

So delicious day one, and then what? Kept properly, fresh produce can last a lot longer than when left to its own devices. Consider our line of beeswax wraps made here in BC, Abeego, to help keep all sorts of food alive. Or our new Greensaver line from Good Grips (charcoal filters for your crisper, and containers with built in colanders and air flow with the charcoal filters). Join us in our upstairs mezzanine for all sorts of food preservation and storage ideas!

Think ahead – preserve!

Still have more beets from that impulse buy at the market? They keep well, so don’t fret too much. Before they start to soften, though, try making fridge pickles. Delicious as a snack, or added to salad and sandwiches just like when they were fresh!