Spring Stock is Arriving, and Another Round of Classes!

Our spring stock is arriving, Abbott is up on the shelves and Danica just walked in the back door, so I’ll be stocking more great new products all afternoon. Pop in and keep me company and I’ll tell you all about what we saw in Toronto!

Sunday update: Portstyle also arrived and is now on the shelves, meaning that we have their great acrylic oil sprayers in stock once more! Did you know that commercial cooking sprays will leave a residue on your pans that contribute to sticking? Ironic, isn’t it? Well, make your own spray and avoid the issue. Ask us how to clean off any built up residue you may have as well.

As for our Cake Decorating Classes, we’re just finishing up one round and getting ready to start another in March. Check out the curriculum on our Wilton Page to see what you can learn, then check out the pictures on our Facebook page! Sorry about the quality of the images, the camera isn’t behaving right now. I’ll try to get some better quality shots tomorrow as the Saturday class winds up.

Update: Camera and I had a talk. It has agreed to behave for now :).