Spring is in the air

I love walking down to the shop in the spring; so many people out and about, starting to shovel the snow off their lawns (you need to be here to understand), the smells of BBQ, the sounds of the birds. It also gets me in the mood to clean (or maybe that’s just my way of procrastinating…). I’m heading out for a week of holiday (yay Mexico!), but Teresa will be watching the shop so you might not even notice.

I wanted to put up a quick post about all the new stuff coming in before I left. We’re now getting closer to full stock (we want all the happily engaged couples to have lots to choose from for registries). Two bathroom orders are coming in the next couple of weeks, so if you’re cleaning up around the house and figure it’s time to replace that old toothbrush holder, we have a wide range of new styles! We have several exciting things happening in April, so stay tuned and wander in often :). And, if you somehow missed our #HolySheet Sale in early March, we now have a MUCH wider selection of bedding to freshen up your bedroom, too!

Happy Spring everyone!