Sophie Conran Collection now listed online!

I feel like I’ve been talking about launching this catalog for years. Well, I suppose I have. The Sophie Conran line of dinnerware (and cookware, and bakeware, and glassware…) from Portmeirion is beautiful. These thoughtfully designed pieces have a unique, hand made look. The range is huge, with extra pieces available to complete your basic sets as well as a great selection of serving pieces and giftware.

Why buy quality porcelain?

Earthenware and stoneware is only fired once, and tends to chip. Painted stoneware chips white (this can be very obvious when your dishes are dark).

Porcelain and bone china are fired twice at much higher kiln temperatures, which makes them much more durable for everyday use (ironic that they tend to get put away for “special occasions”). The porcelain pieces from Portmeirion are made from tinted clay, so if they do chip, it shows the same colour.

Benefits of the Sophie Conran Collection

  • Fired at 1300C!! These pieces can handle going straight from the freezer into the oven and then to the table for an elegant dinner or a family meal. Every piece. Even the mugs.
  • Designed for life; Stackable, well balanced, great sizes.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe (let the robot clean up after the dinner party!)
  • The lasagna dish and casserole dish have special flat bottoms so that they can go directly on an electric stove. Fry your onions and garlic, brown the meat and add the stock before putting the casserole in the oven to finish. Roast beef in the lasagna dish, then make your gravy directly on the stovetop to get the best flavour and deglaze the dish.
  • The original pieces are hand drawn and hand made without a computer in sight, then cast in the finest porcelain

Order Schedule – Cut off November 10th!

We’ll be bringing in our main stock in November; order cut off will be end of day November 10th, expected in store by November 25th. We’ll do a second order for special requests December 3rd to get the items here in time to go under the tree (subject to warehouse availability).

Be sure to build your own wishlist if you love the Sophie line; it’s a great gift idea and family from all over the world can contribute to your collection!

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