Tips on choosing a Wedding Photographer from Keri

KeriknappKeri Knapp is a local photographer in Revelstoke specializing in Wedding, Commercial, Portrait, Interior and Event Photography. She has over 10 years experience as a professional photographer and moved her business from Toronto to Revelstoke in 2010.
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You took the leap of faith so let the wedding planning begin! First is booking the venue and finalizing the date. Then it comes down to envisioning the look and theme of the day. It’s time to start a Pinterest of photos. Is it rustic chic with mason jars and burlap? Or shimmery silk with classy and elegant lace accents? How fun is it to dream of how it will all come together? Inspiration is everywhere thanks to websites like Style Me Pretty and Wedding Bells. It’s time to start contacting event & wedding vendors like catering, florists, tent and chair rentals, starting a guest list and most importantly working on a budget.

Most wedding photographers typically start to get inquiries 6-12 months in advance. We have many talented wedding photographers in Revelstoke and not everyone will be available for your wedding date. If photography is important to you inquire on the availability of your top 3 photographers as soon as possible. If you find you are drawn to the images you see and on the website don’t wait.

How to Contact the Photographer

Send a brief email to say hello! How you were referred, perhaps a friend or a web search. Compliment the style of work on the website and what it was about the photography that attracted you to inquire. Don’t forget to ask if he or she is available for your wedding date and include the venue. Complete the email by asking if it would be possible to provide a price list. When you receive a response, and if you are interested, always send an email back with a thank you within a few days. Let the photographer know if you are considering them as they often get many inquiries for the same date. If you don’t respond back it will appear as though you are not interested and they will keep the date available to others. Don’t forget to ask for a custom quote or clear explanation of what is included in the package. Ask questions like; Does this price include the high resolution files and am I able to print the photos on my own? Does this package include 1 or 2 photographers? Does this price include travel and taxes?


Choosing a Package and Setting the Budget

201-J +D IMG_7589.CR2_Most photographers will structure packages by time and timeline of the weddings events. Getting ready, the ceremony, formal portraits, the reception. If you intend to have a photographer cover all of these parts of the day budget $2300-$3500. Photographers will set package prices depending on experience, equipment, the cost of hiring a 2nd photographer, travel, storing the photos, printing and most importantly the time associated with reviewing, selecting and creatively editing all the photos! A photographer may only spend 8 hours capturing your wedding but they might spend 1-4 hrs on communication, preparing contracts, custom quotes, location scouting, hiring photo assistants. 4 hours in meetings with your and your fiancé. Travel before, to and from the the wedding. 1-2 hrs prepping equipment, 10-20 hours downloading, selecting and editing the 2500 raw images taken during the wedding and 2 hrs backing all final photos up on expensive hard drives.

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

When you inquire with a professional they will prepare a contract. If not please insist they do. The photographer is bound legally to photograph your wedding day and provide images delivered to you in the time frame stated for the price you agreed upon. Make sure you have an address, email and phone number for this photographer. A professional wedding photographer will bring the appropriate equipment, back up batteries, lenses and memory cards. It is your photographers job to communicate well and be available to capture every moment of your wedding day even at your request. You are the priority and a good photographer will make you feel this way in advance. They will show an interest in the timeline and pay attention to the details you discuss in the weeks prior to the wedding day. As a photographer I ask my clients to complete a questionnaire. I ask for names, contact numbers and confirm locations and times in this document. I refer to this in preparation for the day and review during dinner to make sure nothing important is missed.

Hire Someone You Can Trust

Lindsay+Matt-303-IMG_0570Your photographer should be able to provide references and should have a double backup of all photos taken at the wedding. They should have them on file for 3-5 years time. Trust is imperative and be sure to work with someone you can count on. When your photographer delivers your files. Back them up in 2 locations to be sure you will have these photos forever! This being said, we went from floppy disc’s, to CD’s, DVD’s and now hardrives in 20 years time. Where will we be 10 years from now? This photographer recommends saving 10-20 of your favourite images online perhaps on Google Drive. Printing approximately 25-50 of the best to keep in a safe place for your kids and enlarging a favourite portrait as daily reminder of the special day. Within a year set aside the time and money to assemble an album or photo book (hold your partner to it, especially if Mom and Dad helped pay for the photography of your wedding day) to share the memories with all your wedding vendors, friends and family.

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