RENTAL Shield 11 Vacuum Sealer

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Shield N Seals 11 inch commercial grade vacuum sealer is a durable and attractive solution to Vacuum Sealing. This commercial grade 11 inch vacuum sealer has dual pump, high vacuum pressure. The heating element is one of the most powerful on the market, and heats in only 2 – 3 seconds. The special wide, 11 inch seal wire enables high quality sealing effects and instant seal function. The state of the art control panel allows for adjustable seal time, and displays the vacuum and sealing process. There is pulse vac function, as well as manual control vacuum time and pressure. It has a marinate mode and rapid cuisine marinator. The gas mouth on the lid makes for easy cleaning. It prevents liquid from being sucked into the pump. you can even choose between manual or automatic locking.

Vacuum Seal bags are available to purchase individually for your project. Purchase before you pickup and save 20%!

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Get Bags for your Project:

6x10 Bags for Vacuum Sealer

These 6″ x 10″ pre-cut, “pint” sized, commercial grade food vacuum bags are perfect for marinating single serve portions (like one breast or filet) and storing snack sized quantities of jerky, trail mix, and more.

40 in stock

8x12 Bags for Vacuum Sealer

These 8″ x 12″ pre-cut, quart sized, commercial grade vacuum bags are perfect for storing and/or marinating small portions of fruits & vegetables, jerky, small fish filets, individual steaks, pork chops, and more.

35 in stock

11x16 Bags for Vacuum Sealer

These 11″ x 16″ pre-cut, gallon sized, commercial grade vacuum bags are perfect for storing and/or marinating larger portions of fruits & vegetables, sausages, bulk steaks & chops, roasts, small whole birds (like cornish hens, quail, birds under 5 lbs) and more.

50 in stock

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