Pour Over Coffee Maker with Filter

$79.99 +tax

Brew rich, flavourful coffee using pour-over brewing method.  Features a 22 oz capacity Borosilicate glass carafe, bamboo handle, stainless steel mesh filter and a 2 Tbsp coffee scoop.

1. Place stainless steel filter into glass carafe.  Then place coffee grounds into filter using the 2 Tbsp scoop.  1 scoop per each 5 oz serving.
2. Pour enough boiled water over the grounds to slightly moisten. Let stand for 30 seconds.  Coffee grounds will expand, releasing a rich, strong flavour.
3. Pour remaining boiled water in a thin, steady stream.  Total brew time is approximately 3 minutes.  Serve when dripping stops.  Makes 1 to 5, 5 oz servings of coffee.

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