Oyster Knife Teal

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Trudeau’s Oyster Knife will have you working through a bushel of oysters without breaking a sweat. Featuring a sharpened stainless-steel blade, this versatile knife effectively pries open even the toughest shells for easy shucking. Sharpened edges easily detach the oyster from the shell without losing the all-important juice inside. Shuck oysters worry-free with a finger guard that keeps your hands a safe distance from the blade. Soft-touch anti-slip handles make it easy to shuck your way through dozens of oysters without losing your grip, even if your hands are wet! The Trudeau Oyster Knife is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. vibe. CHEF’S TIP: After shucking, deep-fry your oysters and serve them in a basket lined with red-and-white chequered paper and a ramekin of hot sauce for a lively lunch with a Southern vibe.

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