COMPLETE FERMENTATION KIT (9 Pieces) 1x PPI4W, 1x PPP4, 1x PKA1 + Fermenting Guide & Recipe Book

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Fermented vegetables are delicious, loaded with probiotics, and easy to make at home. Mason jars are the perfect vessel to ferment in: they’re easy to find, fit perfectly in kitchen cupboards, are dishwasher safe, and versatile. That’s why Masontops created an entire suite of products for fermenting vegetables in Mason jars.

The Complete Fermentation Kit has everything needed except the jar – even the recipes – to start fermenting probiotic-rich vegetables in Mason jars. A tool is included for every step of the process, from pounding the vegetables, weighting them below the brine, and automatically venting the gas. Fermented foods are a good and natural way to improve your gut health.

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