Scrubbies for Everything!

We are big fans of cleaning products that make cleaning easier, more effective, but without doing damage to our environment or leaving nasty residues behind. We’ve written a post all about Barkeeper’s Friend, our favourite “chemical” for those tough, stubborn stains and residues, but today let me introduce some of our favourite scrubbies that can work on a variety of surfaces, chemical free.

Euro Scrubby

Made in Europe, these multi-purpose scrubbies are amazing for almost any surface, just not polished or painted surfaces. Great to buy in a variety of styles so that you know which one belongs in the bathroom (goodbye hard water stains) and which to the garage (stubborn bugs on the windshield). Paired with Barkeeper’s Friend, you’ll be able to make that old bakeware and cookware shine and leave the non stick surfaces undamaged.

The Tricks

It’s not magical; you still need to scrub. You’ll need to scrub a lot less, though.

For quick cleanup, put the scrubby in the dishwasher with each load. This will sanitize the cloth and keep it ready for the next round of pots.

Use it everywhere; maybe not on the polished brass, but it cleans cast iron beautifully without harming the seasoning (careful not to overdo the scrubbing though, I’m sure if you kept working at it eventually the seasoning would suffer).

Jude’s Miracle Cloth

The name says it all, this spun microfibre cloth polishes any surface without streaks or scratches. It’s not a scrubby exactly, but on a microscopic level it scrubs with the best of them. Fingerprints on stainless steel? Gone. Windex for mirrors and windows? Gone. (Actually, I still have half a bottle I won’t ever use now if you’d like to come pick it up). This Canadian company says that one Miracle Cloth can replace 22 rolls of paper towel. Machine washable, this cloth will change how you clean.

The Tricks

The Miracle Cloth is a finishing cloth, and great for delicate or polished surfaces. If you have really grimy spots to wash, like outdoor windows, wash with a regular rag first to get the worst of the dirt off. Otherwise you’ll have to wash your Miracle Cloth in the machine before you can use it again.

DO NOT put this cloth in the dryer. It will puff up the fibres and make them much less effective.

Like any towel, DO NOT use fabric softener. Fabric softeners (and some cheap laundry soaps) absorb into the fibres of towels, leaving residues that reduce their absorbency (and would leave streaks)

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