Saturday Market June 16 – Skillet Skills

The Mysteries of Frypans. Commercials say “look at how much this doesn’t stick!”, about most pans out there. I argue that with a few simple pointers, you’ll learn to embrace the stick. To appreciate the flavour that comes from a great cast iron pan. To crave the crispiness and to seek the perfectly browned chicken.

Frond, Maillard reaction, Deglazing. All things that we’ll be talking about next Saturday morning while I do an experiment I’ve been wanting to conduct for years! I prefer my meats cooked in cast iron, I’ve always thought they tasted best that way.

The Question: Does a piece of chicken, seasoned equally, will taste best cooked on Cast iron, Stainless Steel, or from a non stick skillet? Is there a noticeable difference according to our market goers?

We’ll be frying three pieces of chicken;

  • one on Cast Iron, (around 10am)
  • one on Steel and (around 11am)
  • one on a non stick. (around 12pm)

You can watch our demo in the 4 videos below. These are a bit longer than our usual demo, I would recommend watching / listening to them while you do other chores, more like a podcast.

Part 1: Non Stick Skillet

Part 2: Cast Iron Skillet

Part 3: Stainless Steel Skillet

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Bring (or submit) your questions, bring your tools, and we’ll give you our recommendations! The live feed will be on Facebook through the event and our business page, and we’ll update this post afterwards with the video feed.

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