Saturday Market July 7 – All about Cherries

The berries are coming!! Early summer is amazing in Revelstoke; we have local fruit starting to pop up all over town. The fruit from the Okanagan is starting to pop up at the Farmers Market, and the bins at the grocery stores are full of great deals. The trick – how much fruit can you eat in a week? How can we preserve all this goodness for the months to come?

Get in touch with the Gleaning Program to help pick fruit trees in the city and keep the bears in the wild!

Bear Aware

I was joined by Sarah Darval and Jodi Kay of the Local Food Initiative. Watch the video on Facebook (button below) to learn about a variety of Cherry recipes to process the harvest, as well as the best way to process the different kinds of cherries. You’ll see the bigger model Cherry pitters that we have for sale and to borrow as part of our Sharing Library.

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