Saturday Market Demo Sept 15 – Garlic Gadgets

Gadget Guides: #Garlic Galore

With the #RevelstokeGarlicFestival on this weekend, we wanted to do our Garlic Gadget Guide! With the weather looking a little spotty, we moved inside the store for this one 🙂 Listen in for great tips on how to store and process the abundant Garlic we have available to us!

Posted by Big Mountain Kitchen & Linen on Saturday, September 15, 2018

There’s no such thing as too much Garlic.


So good.

But then, I grew up with a Scottish father who would eat it raw, and I got a taste for it… (Good thing my husband also likes garlic!!)

This weekend is the famous Revelstoke Garlic Festival, hosted by the wonderful Sarah and Stu at Track Street Growers. We have often participated with our own booth, with a large selection of garlic gadgets and demos to show how they all work. This year, since we’ve been doing the demos at the Downtown Farmer’s Market, we figured we’d make more space for hand made vendors at the festival (and maybe just attend ourselves as guests!).

Listen in above for the video of our Saturday morning chat as we go through the various gadgets to process and store garlic, and taste some wonderful samples!

If you need another reason to eat more garlic, here’s a list of proven health benefits!!

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