Saturday Market August 4 – Beat the Heat

Ah, summer.

Lakes and paddleboards, bikes and dirt stains, sweaty humans and panting dogs.

I think it might finally be time for our own version of the Beat the Heat tricks! Join us Saturday morning during the Long Weekend Market in Downtown Revelstoke as we run through so great DIY cold things that won’t take up too much time. Put down that sugar filled frozen treat from the store, you and your family deserve better.

We’ll be talking about how to make iced tea, both cold brew overnight, and hot brew that’s then chilled off. A taste test will show what the market goers prefer!

Please leave some comments on your favourite way to #BeatTheHeat!

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Bring (or submit) your questions, bring your tools, and we’ll give you our recommendations! The live feed will be on Facebook through the event and our business page, and we’ll update this post afterwards with the video itself.

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