Saturday Market Aug 25 – Healthy Habits

Do you know the difference between a Routine and a Habit? A routine is a series of steps that you practice and decide to do based on a triggering event or fact. A habit is something (or a series of somethings) that you do automatically, without thinking.

All habits are a routine to a certain extent, but all routines are not habits. Making routines into habits takes practice and determination, but mostly planning. Is your Environment set up for Efficient, Easy, Effective routines? If so, great job! These are most likely to turn into Habits.

Healthy Habits can support our lifestyle choices, save us time, and more importantly, save us the brain energy it takes to make all those decisions.

Join us this Saturday as we discuss #HealthyHabits when it comes to lunch routines (and how those decisions and setups can spill over to breakfast and dinner planning, too!)

Want a simple process to work on your fall meal routines with your family? Here’s my suggested 3 steps!

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Bring (or submit) your questions, bring your tools, and we’ll give you our recommendations! The live feed will be on Facebook through the event and our business page, and we’ll update this post afterwards with the video itself.

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