Saturday Market Aug 18 – ZeroWaste Lunches

After a summer filled with camping, festivals, parties and BBQs, we’re all prepared to get back into some “normal” routines this fall.

Some schools have gone #ZeroWaste – an admirable move, but how do you make that work in a busy home when the kids forget to bring home their containers?

The news is filled with warnings about the different materials meal containers are made from; what’s really safe?

Bento boxes, Tiffin boxes, fabric wraps; that’s all well and good, but how do you make sure those containers are filled with balanced nutrition each day and keep the kids interested?

Join us Saturday Morning with Stacey from Your Office & Art Centre as we talk all things Back to School and give you some insight to the questions above.

This event is part of a full lineup of Workshops and Show & Tell events throughout the Market Season. Get connected on your favourite social media network, or sign up for our email community to stay in the loop for the workshops you’re looking forward to. We’ll be posting the videos and key takeaways after each event, so if you miss the chance to be here in person, you can still gain the knowledge!

Bring (or submit) your questions, bring your tools, and we’ll give you our recommendations! The live feed will be on Facebook through the event and our business page, and we’ll update this post afterwards with the video itself.

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