Revelstoke Business For Sale

It’s time. Big Mountain Kitchen is going up for sale; are you the next Revelstoke Kitchen Store Person?

Why sell now?

I’ve had a great run, and I’m proud of the digital systems we now have in place to serve a broader customer base with a wider product selection. I’ve enjoyed my time on City Council so far, and want to continue to work for my community in that capacity. Handling the workload of owning and running a retail business AND being an elected official during the upheaval of a global pandemic is more than I want to put myself through.

It’s time to find someone with a fresh energy and passion for what a small town kitchen store can do for its community. I’ve put together a document with all the relevant details you can see here:

Local Supports

Not sure how you’d pull it off? The folks over at Community Futures have helped me every step of the way, from Business Plan to reasonable financing options.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in hearing more about the opportunity, book a time to chat with me and I’ll give you the low down.

2 thoughts on “Revelstoke Business For Sale

  1. Allan Murphy says:

    I am sad to hear your eventual departure from Big Mountain Kitchen. Your energy and gumption are wonderful and have made your store unique and truly individualistic. Cheers, Allan

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