I joined Pinterest last fall when Wilton started a promotion with cake decorating. I thought, I’d better learn about it. Social media is so quick to suck our time, I try not to get involved unless I see a clear benefit from that time. I have to say, Pinterest has its uses. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s like an online bulletin board that you can use to brainstorm in a more visual way. Being online, there are few limits, so you can have multiple “boards” for different topic. I use it to build wish lists, want to do lists, and to keep track of neat ideas online that I want to pull up later. Bookmarks are great, but how often do you actually look through all your old bookmarks? This way you can scroll through pictures and build your idea bigger.

Anyway, I have started a Pinterest account for the store. It’ll reflect a lot of what I pin on my personal boards, but I’ll keep it professional! Take a look around, as I build the content it’ll be a fun way to get to know the store 🙂