Our new knife displays are in!!

Managing a kitchen and home store is like constantly shopping for cool new things I’d like to have in my home. Then I get to show it off so that it looks great. When it all comes together, I tend to do a little happy dance. My friends and family know exactly what I’m talking about, and I think the customers of Chantilly are starting to recognize it, too. Consider this my “happy dance”, online version. I’m proud to present, our new knife displays!

henckels square

We have carried the Zwilling JA Henckels line since the inception of the store, and have always stood by them as a great knife manufacturer. Their new line, the Zwilling Pro, truly is form perfected when it comes to knives. The home gourmets that I’ve met want a quality knife for a reasonable price. Something that fits the hand nicely; has weight but isn’t heavy; balances properly; and most of all, is durable. This is it. If I were shopping for a new set of knives, this is what I would save up for.

I’ve timed our new displays nicely, between the Spring 2013 sale (prices available until May 31st) and Father’s Day coming up in June, you can upgrade your own knife block and get Dad a great gift.

Check out the full Gourmet Guide for this spring’s sale and come into the shop next time you’re downtown to feel the difference. Heck, bring your own knives down to get sharpened (wrapped carefully, please, this isn’t a ninja flash mob) and compare directly!