Our Journey Online

It’s been a slog to get our shop online; (we have very high standards, apparently). We’ve been looking for a way to communicate with you, our customer, in a meaningful way. Not just a product catalog, but a feature rich communications tool that can support our customer service efforts. This fall will be our 3rd major effort to create an online platform for Big Mountain Kitchen. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm!

You’ll notice that our website itself has not changed; we tried some built in solutions in the past, but were never satisfied with the functionality like we were with Woocommerce. The challenge is that Woocommerce is built for Ecommerce, not Bricks and Mortar or Omni retail.

What does that mean?

Well, we have customers.

Not separate online customers and in store customers.

Just customers.

We all spend some of our time wandering the downtown shops, and we all spend some of our time looking at products and doing research online.

We’ve been working to find a solution to support our efforts to bring you great products at great prices. We want the robots to do the robot jobs, so that our people can spend their time helping you. We want you to be able to research online, so when you make the time to come in store we can get right to the good stuff.


Our gift cards are now online and ready to be ordered, and we’ll be shifting our customer service online over December as we test the platform. Please be patient with us, it’ll be worth the wait!

Order your gift cards online

January - March

Once we work out any quirks, hopefully in January, we’ll be moving all of our customer service to the website. Nothing in store will change, we’ll just be starting to offer online access if you provide an email address. If you prefer not to access your orders online, you’ll still be able to access the same great service in the store.

March - May

As we enter your orders online, we’ll be slowly adding those requested products the database. Then we’ll start adding entire groups of products to the database, until we have our main lines listed.

June - September

By Wedding season, we’ll hopefully have most of our main lines ready! You’ll be able to come into the store to make your registry, and we’ll make sure everything is available online for out of town family and friends.

Fall 2018

Ambitious, I know, but I’m really hoping to have a fully functional online platform by the Fall of 2018. I’m excited to take our Shopkeeper / Customer relationship to the next level!

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