Our Favourite Things

How do you start a list of your favourite things in a store like ours? It can grow long pretty quickly!

When I’m shopping for my own home, I try to focus on one purpose. One task. One room at time. I make sure (as best as I can) that I have all the little things that make fulfilling that purpose easier. There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a recipe at home to realize that you’re missing a measuring spoon or cutting tool that you need! Before I move on to the next project, I reflect on how my experience went, was I missing anything that could make it more likely that I would try it again. (Tip: these make great Wish List items to share with your loved ones!)

As we head into Welcome Week here in Revelstoke, we want to share a few of our favourite things for the Big Mtn Lifestyle. Regardless of what you already have, what you like to cook, and what your favourite colour is, this little Care Package is sure to make your day. During the 2019 Welcome Week, every purchase over $50 (of regular price items) will get a little sack of our top household essentials. We bet you’ll be coming back for more!

1. Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

Best Used For: Kicking the Plastic Habit and keeping your Food Alive!! They’re affordable, washable and reusable. Perfect for a half tomato avocado or onion (no smell transfer!). The larger sizes are great for sandwiches, cheese, and bread. This is the ONLY product I’ve found that can keep the crust crusty and the insides mushy; critical facts for baguette lovers!

Care Tips: Hand wash in cool water with biodegradable soap. Hang or towel dry. Any soap with alcohol will strip out the wax and shorten their lifespan, and heat will melt the wax. So, obviously, NO DISHWASHERS! come check out our Cover Blubber for those friends who insist on hot soapy water.

Triple Bottom Line: Responsibly made and compostable for a full life cycle. These breathable beeswax fabric wraps are made here in BC by a company that does all the right things.

2. Euro Scrubby

Best Used For: Scrubbing all the things! Safe for cast iron seasoning, glass top stoves, non stick cookware and bakeware, tile and ceramic in the bathroom, car paint… the list goes on 🙂

Care Tips: Toss in the dishwasher for a quick clean. Keep a handful of these around; you don’t want to find your last one being used in the bathroom when you need to scrub some pots!

Triple Bottom Line: Long lasting and environmentally friendly with a non plastic hardened coating over cotton. Made in Europe.

3. Tea Tree Laundry Soap (BULK)

Best Used For: REAL freshness in your towels! The tea tree and other ingredients are amazingly effective at killing the microbes that make fabrics stink. It can be used as a stain remover as well, and has proven to get stains out of bedding that others would try to bleach.

Care Tips: Water it down as you need. We sell this soap bulk in a thick gel; make sure it’s properly dissolved in the wash water before it gets wrapped up in fabrics. We find we need to thin it out with certain washers, but it doesn’t feel right to sell water when we get it made thick!

Triple Bottom Line: Locally made, sold bulk so zero waste. Safe for septic systems and high efficiency washers.

4. Skrapr Jr

Best Used For: Scraping without scratching surfaces. Think glass top stoves, stuck on tape, corners of the tap, de-icing mirrors…

Care Tips: Even the hardest nylon will wear out over rough surfaces. Be mindful if you’re digging in a cast iron griddle’s corners or rough grout in slate tiles. It might be worth wearing one out, but don’t get surprised!

Triple Bottom Line: Save your fingernails and scrubbies; these scrapers are much more effective. We have a wide range of scrapers in the store if you want something a little wider!

5. Swedish Dishcloth

Best Used For: a NO STINK Dishcloth! Yes, we’ve finally solved the riddle. These sponge like cloths are super absorbent, washable and long lasting.

Care Tips: Wash them in the dishwasher or with the rest of your dish cloths (even soak them in bleach or vinegar!), just DON’T put them in the dryer!

Triple Bottom Line: The cellulose these are made from is a long lived plant based material that is compostable at the end of it’s life.

BONUS: Jude’s Miracle Cloth

Best Used For: Washing and polishing surfaces where fingerprints like to shine.

Care Tips: Don’t use cleaning chemicals (you won’t need them), wash with your other microfiber cloths with a clean washing detergent, hang to dry. NO DRYER or fabric softeners.

Triple Bottom Line: Affordable, European microfiber cloth that will kick the glass cleaner out of your home! One cloth can replace upwards of 100 paper towels.

What are your favourite things?

As we head into the Christmas season, let’s get mindful about the potential waste. What do we really need? What do we really want? So many of our loved ones feel bad giving us practical things, but what if that’s all we want? What’s the weirdest thing you would love to get wrapped under the tree? (My thing lately has been socks… the good ones!)

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