One Pot Paprika Chicken for those Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Hi guys, a friend shared this recipe on Facebook, and I couldn’t help sharing here. Great blog about entertaining, it’s going on my reading list. The author uses a Le Creuset braiser; but I was thinking this recipe would be perfect in a Lodge dutch oven of any size and our less expensive Le Cuistot will give a great, easy to clean result as well. The cast iron gives you the temperature control and heat retention to brown the meat beautifully. This kind of meal; browning the meat, cooking the vegetables, building the sauce then finishing in the oven (she doesn’t mention this, but I would, at 350F. Let the dimpled lid of your Lodge pot braise your dish for you as the moisture condensed and drips all over. I’m making myself hungry…

Happy fall cooking, everyone!

Here's the Recipe