On the Media

We have a problem with oversaturation of advertising in our lives. It surrounds us everywhere we look, from integrated Facebook ads that look like your friends’ posts, the short ads that we try to skip to watch the latest YouTube video, TV ads that make us believe that we deserve X!

We need to start paying attention to, and supporting, the sources we trust, so that we aren’t completely at the mercy of the high-budget advertisers who are only thinking of the bottom line.

Let me give you some back story on why I feel that supporting the local media with my campaign advertising budget is important, and why we need to pay more attention to these local resources.

I attended the Smart Cities Challenge brainstorming session here in Revelstoke this past spring. It was incredible. So many minds coming together to talk about what our main issues are here in Revelstoke, but more importantly, to discuss how we could start solving them.

The big takeaway?

We’re already doing a lot of the ideas.

For example, transportation in our city is an issue for many. Public Transit does not serve our needs, there isn’t enough parking downtown for all the employees and customers to drive, and then there are the environmental concerns. One of the many solutions discussed was a Car Share Coop; something that we are already doing, but not enough people are aware of. The following is almost the exact exchange that took place between myself and another participant in the Challenge:

“We could use a car share coop!”

“We have one, but it’s struggling to get bigger to be more effective. It is here and looking for more volunteers.

“They should advertise more, I haven’t heard of them.”

“Where do you get your local news? Where would you see that advertising?”

Crickets. Local news? What local news?

The average adult is exposed to a ridiculous amount of advertising every day. We’ve learned to tune it out, but we need to start looking for the information we want. Even more importantly, supporting credible sources we respect. It’s as important as voting for your representatives in government when it comes to maintaining a healthy democracy.

You vote with your clicks.

When the reader is the customer, helping to financially support the media outlet, we get good content; when the advertiser is the customer, we get clickbait. The Guardian had a great post on this a few years ago here. 

With the prevalence and demand for free content to consume, it falls on the advertisers to pick up the bill. Good Journalism shouldn’t be a volunteer position.

I’ll be supporting the local press with my (admittedly small) campaign advertising, so that they can continue their vital role in our town – asking the tough questions, shining the light on council activities, and keeping elected representatives accountable to the voters.

You can do your part as well; I encourage you to watch for their coverage. Comment. Ask Questions. Their job is to help you understand the local perspective on our world. Hold them to task, but give them a chance. And maybe you’ll see an interesting local ad while you’re at it.

This is another topic I could talk about for hours; perhaps I’ll get into a conversation with someone and they’ll let us go on video so I can share it here :). Is that someone you?? Reach out and let’s get together! I’m always happy to discuss or answer questions about my thoughts.

I want you to be able to make a wise decision come October 20th.