On Community Engagement and Consultation

One thing you’ll hear me repeat often throughout this campaign is my belief in community.

The strength that comes from the peaceful coexistence of a variety of people and mindsets, where ideas can be shared freely.

The resilience that builds when we all care for our neighbours.

There are a lot of changes happening in the world right now. I’m hyper aware of this – I own a retail store in the age of disruption – but we don’t get to turn off those taps.

>Tourism and migration have been on the rise since personal travel became possible with the first personal cars. Now it gets easier every year as our highway is slowly improved.

>Technology has been changing faster than could be believed. Ten years ago, smart phones were a new thing. One of our fastest growing local companies is a tech company, Cronometer, and there is huge local opportunity in this new arena where location isn’t the deciding factor it used to be.

In short, today, we play by a different set of rules. We need to rebalance our goals and priorities so we can develop the city we want to live in.

The robots can help; they take on a lot of the grunt work we don’t need or want humans to bother with anymore.

>For a simple example, the See Revelstoke Events page has an automatic feed that will pull event information from a Non Profit Society’s Facebook Page. Volunteers then only need to add their event’s information in one place, and the robots handle the rest!

But with the rise of automation, how do we protect our people and our communities? Not all businesses will put that increased productivity into higher level jobs for the people, and robots don’t pay income tax.

This is obviously a bigger problem than civic politics, but it’s an area in which Revelstoke can take a leadership role.

We can show how the growth of tourism with it’s influx of dollars and ideas, can contribute to a thriving community with a backbone made of industry, trades and healthy infrastructure.

We can show how the cultural fabric of a city is in the coexistence of all its groups. The strength of our arts, the liveliness of our events, the youth and engagement all around us; we should celebrate this!

We’re better together.

How are you engaged? What is your favourite way to connect with your community? I’ve listed a few below, but feel free to comment with other resources for Revelstoke!

If you like to connect on Facebook, be sure to join the Revelstoke Community Group; a place for all things that are beyond the “selling” of RevySell and the anonymity of The Stoke List.

If you like to connect in person, join your neighbours at the Farmers Markets on Saturday Mornings. I’ll be there every week (like I have been all summer long), talking about cooking skills, or something to so with sustainable living. Luna, our local nocturnal arts festival is coming up on the 29th; we’ll be launching our #BigMtnLife campaign here at Big Mountain Kitchen.

At any of these events, I’d be happy to answer your questions about my run for council and my vision for what Revelstoke could become.

But I can’t do this alone.


Beyond the fact that building a community takes, well, a community, I could also use some help getting the word out about my campaign. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read here, please SHARE it with your networks!

Read and Comment

I am planning to support our local media with advertising; I encourage you to watch for their coverage. Comment. Ask Questions. Their job is to help you understand the local perspective on our world. Hold them to task, but give them a chance. Without them, we’re at the mercy of global marketing. Read more about my thoughts on media in my next post.


This one should be obvious, but on October 20th (or on the 10th for advanced polls), VOTE!! Bring your friends out to VOTE! Drive your grandma down to VOTE! Let’s show the powers that be that Revelstoke is paying attention and we want our voices heard.


Finally, I would really appreciate your contributions towards my campaign. I’ve even set up a public spreadsheet, so that you can see how I’m using your $$!


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