Nourishment is more than just the food we eat.

What are your favorite memories of food?

What smells make your taste buds moisten?

As soon as I smell garlic and onions, my mouth starts to water. 

This is the start of digestion; this is your body getting ready. Not just to eat food, but to receive nourishment. 

Nourishment happens when the body is at rest and is ready and able to process the food it is about to receive. The mouth starts to salivate, that saliva and the act of chewing your food breaks it down into smaller appropriate bits so your inner digestive system can turn it into fuel. The stomach, small and large intestines each play their role in absorbing the nutrients into the body, then the blood stream works to move it around to each of your cells. Each step is important.

Sleep, relaxation, walking in nature, reading, all of these acts also nourish your body in their own ways, and are just as important as the food you eat. Your body craves nourishment. The best way to help your body get all of the nutrition it needs is to slow down.

We are all so busy: working, getting the kids to their activities, shopping, cooking, cleaning. 

We eat on the go, in the car, at our desk, on the couch staring at a screen.

When was the last time you made the time to fully plan out your meals? 

What type food fuel are you putting into your body? 

Where does it come from? 

How is it made? 

Is it hurting you?

We all eat, but are we getting nourished?

In the coming weeks here at Big Mountain Kitchen, we will be exploring a wide range of topics around our food habits. Eating patterns and intermittent fasting, potluck and group cooking, honouring fullness, and food ritual and ceremony. Make sure to join the BMK Family so you don’t miss a thing! 

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I’m currently looking for 10 people who are ready to try something different than anything they have done before.

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