New Products and a New Site under development

Well, the show was a success. We crammed a lot into 3 days! Teresa and I didn’t have a lot of time to browse for new suppliers (the whole point is to cut back on different lines, after all), but we spent some quality time with our existing companies. Some of the new stock has started to trickle in, and will continue to do so over the next 2 months. I have some of the new items on one of the stands at the front of the store, so be sure to pop in if you’re downtown to keep an eye on what’s new!

We also now have access to CK products and Fat Daddios (high end bakeware and cake decorating lines from the US). It’s through a partnership with another company, so not fast ordering, but access nonetheless! We have dry fondant in stock now, as well as some great flavour immulsions. Banana flavour that actually tastes like banana! Raspberry, lemon, red velvet¬†and butter flavours are also here, and more are available.

I’m heading out for my first vacation in I don’t know how long for a week, so expect the web side of the business to be quiet for a bit. When I get back, my big project will be a new website for the store! Our current site has reached the end of its lifespan, so look forward to better photos, calendars, social media feeds, more product information and more!