New Product Fiesta!

We’re expecting a bunch of orders in the upcoming days, and the first two have shown up. As the others arrive I’ll try and post updates here (I’ll be out of the store though, so if it all comes in a rush before and after the weekend, bare with me! Glen and I are going to a BBQ competition, so we’ll be distracted)

First Up: RSVP

Our supplier of the nifty and stainless.

  • Our collapsible silicone coffee filter cones are back
  • Onion goggles (I’ve sold these as safety goggles, too, they’re quality!)
  • Open stock measuring cups and spoons (we’ve been asked so many times for these, it was nice to find them)
  • Fine stainless mesh skimmers (very fine mesh)
  • Mesh baskets (multi-use – colander, steamer, strainer, fryer basket)
  • Replacement egg poaching cups (we’ve carried the egg poachers for so long, now we have the replacements if your non-stick finish has worn out)

Next: Bedding from Highland Feather (I have a lot of bedding in our online catalogue, so click through to see full details!)

Update for Friday: (I find myself at a computer!)

Cuisinox Coffee Accessories

  • Stainless Steel french presses (we’re moving away from Bodum for shipping reasons; more on this next week)
  • Stovetop Espresso Makers & accessories (gaskets are in!)

Danesco (general Kitchen awesomeness)

  • Mandolines
  • Tea infusers
  • so much more…

More to come! Canning supplies and taco accessories, glass french presses and tea pots, and appliances are all on their way. I’ll do a full recap on Monday when I’m back in the shop. In the meantime, come down and see Teresa and take a look around the store!