New Canadian Made Natural Bedding

We’re are excited to introduce a great new line of natural bedding made in North Vancouver by SnugSleep!

We’ve brought in their Wool Knop Pillows, Natural Latex Sliver pillows, Washable Wool Mattress Pads, Wool Duvets and a new Alpaca / Sheeps wool duvet that has a glorious drape that will snuggle you to sleep.

Wool is a great bedding material for the same reasons it makes a great base layer for skiing;

  • it’s super absorbent, and sleeps comfortably even when damp,
  • it does not allow for the growth of dust mites, great for allergy sufferers
  • naturally flame resistant, which can provide extra protection in emergencies

I personally had the best sleep of my life on the regular fill of the Wool Knop Pillows; firm and supportive without being too big for my shoulders. I really like being able to choose a regular fill pillow (great for my side / back sleeping habits) or an extra fill option for my hubby’s broad shoulders. These pillows are also adjustable; the wool knops (little bundles) can be removed for washing through a large zipper opening.

We’re moving our collections towards even more natural products that decompose rather than clutter up landfills. We’re supporting Canadian manufacturing here on the west coast, and reducing our environmental impact through shipping. #BigMtnLife