Mother's Day Ideas

With Mother’s Day around the corner, and so much beautiful weather out there, I thought I’d share some ideas for gifts for mom to save you some time. Days like this are meant to be spent outside, not searching the corners of all the stores for a gift for the woman who already has everything! (Hint: don’t buy dishcloths unless she specifically asked for them. Even then, add something fun)

siliconecovers1. Silicone Covers from Charles Viancin

If the bugs are starting to cramp your style on the deck, consider these silicone covers from Charles Viancin. Safe from the freezer to the oven, these fun covers will keep unwanted creepy crawlies out of your drinks and salads, as well as replace tin foil to cover your casseroles in the oven or cling wrap in the microwave. They’ll seal tight on any smooth rim, preventing spills and messes. We have small sunflower covers for tea or wine or other precious drinks, large round sunflowers for salads and round casseroles, and large banana leaf covers that will fit your standard lasagna pans.

2. Glassware

For the wine lovin’ mommas out there, get her a handpainted glass just for her. We have coordinating wine stoppers and gift “dresses” for a bottle to finish the package. Or, if she’s more a martini gall, maybe a nice set of martini glasses and a shaker for her next girls night in?

chefnstrawberry3. For the gadget lovers

For those familiar with the shop, we have an ever-changing gadget wall full of great tools for your mom’s favorite garnish, fruit, or vegetable. Show that you’re paying attention (you still have a couple of days to watch). Where could she save some time in her mornings or snack time? Can you find a tool that will allow her that extra five minutes with her coffee or tea?

4. Know your mom

This is the time to spoil your mom a little and put her first. So often they sacrifice so that we can do/have what we’d like, Mother’s Day is when we splurge and show that she deserves nice things and fun activities, too. Take her out and enjoy the sunshine, make her breakfast or take her out for brunch, then surprise her with a little something she’s admired but never thought to get. This is not the time for that new vacuum!