Join us for sharpening and a look at Miyabi

You may or may not know, I go to Toronto once a year to scope out new (and old) products for the store. I feel like I shop for everyone in town on these trips, and I have a blast! I usually eye up some amazing things, not all of which I can afford to bring home to the store, but that I wish I could show you. One such line are the Miyabi knives from Zwilling.

Folded steel has enjoyed a rising popularity in Canada; the Japanese know their knives. What’s the big deal? Sharpness, mainly. These knives are much stronger and thinner than your average kitchen knife. Known for their technical precision, elegance and performance and made in Seki, Japan, these are the real deal. Keep in mind, you’ll need to learn how to maintain your new knives, no pull-through sharpeners or electric grinders for these guys.

Learn more about caring for Miyabi knives

Brad, our Zwilling knife guy, will be visiting the shop on Saturday, September 12th (the Heritage Sidewalk Sale). He’ll be showing how to maintain these and regular knives using a whet stone as well as the proper use of a steel to hone an edge. He’ll have some examples of the Miyabi line to showcase, since I don’t normally carry these knives in stock, it’s a great opportunity for you to come and feel the quality. (We always offer these as special orders, and yes, they’re on the list to be added to the website).

So, if you’re interested in the beauty and function of Japanese knives, be sure to fit us into your plans this weekend!