Thank you for being great customers! We enjoy spending time with you as much as we hope you enjoy spending time with us. Our loyalty program is our way of saying thank you a little more tangibly.

How does the Loyalty Program work?

cropped-BMK-Logo-CMYK-Square512.jpgEvery time you make a purchase in the store (or online), you collect loyalty points. No card, no app, all you need to do is introduce yourself and make sure we attach your name to the purchase. If you order online, we’ll take care of the work.

Points build up in a “bank”, a simple dollar value that you can use towards your next purchase, save them up for something special, or use them to buy a gift card or cupcake for a friend. Just ask and we’ll let you know your balance!

When you get your receipt from the store, look for a horribly long website URL at the bottom of the receipt. There, you can enter your contact details and see your loyalty balance. If you have any trouble, please do contact us and we’ll send you the link digitally.

Get Bonus Points on Featured Products

As we showcase new product lines, or feature some of our favourites, you’ll get bonus points while they’re on special! Make sure you sign up for our emails, follow us on your favourite social media, or come by the store regularly to keep up on what’s on. Flip through the slider below to see examples and what’s currently on!


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