Live and Let's Buy

Live and Let’s Buy! Click to listen to our Radio ad with Easy Rock!

With all the spy stories out and about this fall, we thought we’d add one more!

Tired of having to guess about the perfect gift for your significant other? How about your mom? Send them down to Chantilly to make up a wish list that you can use for the easiest Christmas yet! (We can’t help you with the in-laws visit though). It’s small so it’ll fit in your wallet and not get lost. Then, all you have to do is bring it down to Chantilly and we’ll help you pick out something that fits in your budget and is sure to please!

To make it even easier, we’re adding an extra night of shopping 12 days before Christmas. Thursday, December 13th, we’ll be closing our doors at 5:30 to do some preparations, then re-opening from 6-8pm for the men only. Refreshments, sales, extra help on hand to help finding all the things on your list, and the best gift wrapping in town!