Every kitchen deserves to have quality tools, easy to clean and durable.

If you perform a specific task often, it makes sense to have a purpose-built tool to reduce food waste and effort.

I promise, it won’t break the bank.

Coffee and Spice Grinders

Cafe Culture Burr Hand Coffee Grinder

$39.99 +tax


12-Cup Coffeemaker

$99.99 +tax

Skillets and Griddles

Monkey Pancake Pan

$17.99 +tax

Specialty Gadgets

Mini Meatballer

$17.99 +tax
$150.00 $104.99 +tax

Skillets and Griddles

Bear Pancake Pan

$17.99 +tax

Chocolate and Candy

St/2 Robot Chocolate Molds

$9.99 +tax
$149.99 +tax

Mini Gadgets

My Favourite Knife

$4.49 +tax

Kitchen Scales

Arti Glass Digital Scale

$49.99 +tax
$29.99 +tax
From: $109.99 +tax
$139.99 +tax

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup / 1 Cup

$9.99 +tax
$165.00 $114.99 +tax
$399.99 $349.99 +tax

Griddles and Waffle Irons

4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

$89.99 +tax

Graters and Rasps

Fine Cut Grater

$19.99 +tax

French Press

Basel French Press

From: $19.99 +tax

Skillets and Griddles

Cast Iron Woks

From: $36.99 +tax

Pies Tarts and Pastries

S/S Spatula With Wood Handle

$12.99 +tax
$6.99 +tax

Skillets and Griddles

Loop Handle Cast Iron Pans

From: $39.99 +tax
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