Keep your food alive with Abeego

Plastics make up 12% of household waste. Gross. Abeego, invented in the home of Toni Desrosiers and Colin Johnston of Victoria, BC, was born from the question “how did we store food before plastic wrap?” In her research of the history of food preservation, she found beeswax, and a grumpy old man at a market day got her looking at tree resin. Add jojoba oil for extra anti-fungal properties, and you have their recipe (but not the proportions!)

Abeego products are made of a hemp / organic cotton fabric that has been infused with this beeswax mixture. Each size has a different colour stitching to help identify it in your drawer (cut at your own risk of disorganization). While they will take on stains, they wash up well and last around a year with proper care. Their protective, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties allow your food to BREATHE, keeping it alive for longer and tasting better.

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Using Abeego as Food Wrap

  • IMG_4588 - FlatWrap cheese tightly in an abeego flat. For easy cleanup, grate it on abeego!
  • Cover the cut end of any fruit or vegetable with an Abeego flat
  • Abeego pockets carry cut veggies and fruit, sandwiches and more for thr trail, school or office. (The beeswax will pick up lint and dust, though, so keep it packed in something clean!)
  • Abeego works in the freezer, but use frozen food within one month.
  • Cover rising bread dough with insulating, yet breathable Abeego
  • Wrap up cold cuts and cooked meat. Cover raw meat in a dish.

AHA Abeego Discoveries!

  • Fresh chilies and herbs stay fresh for weeks and will dry perfectly over months.
  • Whole fruits are protected from bruising when Abeego-wrapped for travel.
  • A bowl of greens in an Abeego covered bowl stay fresh and crisp all week!
  • Cut onions wrapped in Abeego will not leave a hint of scent in the fridge
  • Apples, pears or avocados won’t brown when their cut side is tightly covered.
  • Abeego’s tacky surface makes it a handy jar opener!

Abeego Care

  • Hand wash Abeego in cold water with an eco-friendly soap and air dry.
  • Store Abeego rolled, folder or flat (between cutting boards works well)
  • Abeego can last a year or longer with proper care – then compost!

Make sure you spread the word about this great material; the more households we can get to cut back on plastic, the better our planet will be.

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