Juicing VS Blending: Apples & Oranges? – Follow Up

Yes, you can juice and blend apples & oranges, but that’s not quite what I meant. If you’ve seen people at work or school with glasses of thick green liquid, chances are they have (or would love to have) a good juicer or high speed blender. There are lots of reviews and knowledgeable people on the web talking about the benefits and drawbacks to both, and I encourage you to do your own research. Maybe even talk to those people with the green smoothies, see what they like. I’ve noticed that no matter what they like, they like it a lot. Mostly because, no matter how you get your veggies, they’re good for you and make you feel amazing.

I had written a post about juicing earlier this spring, but since then our supplier for the Juicepresso had trouble with their supply. Frustrating, since I’d just put out a post to spread the word, but no need to stress. We went in search of a new supplier, and found a new source (in Canada) for blenders, juicers and dehydrators. I’ll leave the dehydrator chat for another day, and stick with juicers and blenders for now!


Great for those who have digestive issues (the nutrients are released and ready to be digested). They’re also great for detoxing. You can fit more servings of fruits and veggies into an 8oz serving because of the lower volume. The pulp doesn’t need to be wasted goodness, either. Freeze it in ice cube trays to add to your sauces or baking! (maybe not the celery pulp though…)

XLblackjuicerAs a great entry level juicer, the L’Equip XL Centrifuge will get the job done for $139. The high speeds of this machine will break down some of the more delicate nutrients and cause some seperation of the juices, but it’s quick, convenient, easy to clean, and has a great 10 year warranty (handled here in store if you purchase through us).

We’re still waiting on details for pricing and availability for the new Cuisinart Juicer (said to be comparable to the Breville Juice Fountain) but it’ll probably run for around $170-$190 and should be available by July. This is also a great entry level juicer and has the great 3 year warranty that Cuisinart offers with almost all their appliances.

omegavrtThe cadillac of juicers is the cold press style. These juicers operate by very slowly crushing the fruits and veggies against a fine sieve. This preserves all the delicate nutrients from your produce and creates the highest quality of juice (=won’t seperate). This is where we used to offer the Juicepresso, but have been forced to switch to the Omega VRT. Fortunately, their bits are essentially the same :). Same great 10 year warranty, and a little quieter (due to the AC motor compared to a DC motor in the Juicepresso). They’re also about the same price; $379. Not inexpensive, but worth saving up for and less expensive than the high speed blenders.


Which brings us to blending! A green smoothie made in a high speed blender will include all the dietary fiber from your produce, so many prefer these smoothies to the juices (although many call these “whole food juicers”). They will keep you fuller for longer, and are easier to make and clean up after (you don’t have to deal with pulp and parts as you do in the juicers, just the carafe).

Cuisinart 15 pc Compact Blending SystemIn the interest of offering various levels like we do the juicers, the entry-level blender if you’re looking at smoothies, would (in our opinion) be the 15pc Compact Blending System from Cuisinart. This neat little machine is intended for fruit smoothies and makes quick work of ice and frozen fruit. It’s price point ($83) is very affordable, and the individual smoothie cups make it possible for everyone to have their own recipe. The 350 watt motor and 3 year warranty make it a great basic system if you prefer to get your vegetables cooked or in salads and want a more traditional smoothie.

Moving up in speed and versatility (and price) we get to the high speed blenders. These will pulverize almost anything you put in them and are the tool of choice for those who like their green smoothies. The Vitamix is the more recognizable brand name, but Blendtec and L’Equip are also major players. Vitamix we would have to order direct from the states to offer, so we’re sticking with Blendtec and L’Equip RPM.

Blendtec Designer Blenders

The Blendtec models feature a smooth, touch screen interface. They have programmed cycles (easy to use picture buttons) so you don’t need to think which speed to put it on. Easy to clean, patented 2 blade setup, and a great 7 year warranty. The carafe is larger than that of the RPM, and wider at the base. These blenders compare very closely with the Vitamix, but are shorter (easily fit under most counters) and have a different blade assembly. You can read more about the features and benefits of the Blendtec Designer Series here. The machines start at $479, so they take a bit of savings.

L'Equip RPM BlenderThe L’Equip RPM model has a smaller, narrower carafe (great if you’re only blending for one or two people) and a simple one dial speed control. I know how some of our customers hate too many buttons, in which case this might be the machine for you! Just like the Blendtec, this high speed blenders will make quick work of whole fruits and veggies, and even grind dry seeds and nuts. At $469, they are comparable in price to the entry level Blendtec.


Depending on your needs and preferences, you could be very happy with any of these models (hence the title; it really is apples and oranges!). It really comes down to your own preferences and budget. Any way to eat more fruit and veggies is going to benefit your health when compared to the sugary, calorie laden snacks that surround us. I suggest you do some research online, talk with people you know and trust, and pop into the store to get our take on your situation.

Also, please know that while we are proud to offer these products, we can’t stock them in store regularly. We offer competitive prices and can get these products quickly. We are happy to handle all the shipping arrangements and deal with any concerns you may have with the product (that’s our job, after all!). We know there are many options for our customers, and we appreciate when you choose to shop with us!