Introducing: Grosche Coffee and Tea Wares

madridfrenchpressI thought I should do a proper introduction of our latest new supplier, Grosche Kuchenware. I’ve been out searching for new suppliers that fit with our business goals at Chantilly. We want to be supplying quality products at reasonable prices from responsible suppliers. I first met the guys at Grosche at the Toronto trade show we attend in January each year. It’s nice to be able to shake hands and talk face to face before doing business.

We’ll be carrying a selection of inexpensive as well as flashier french presses, glass tea pots, glass infuser tea mugs, and some accessories. If you have one of their products in mind that we don’t carry, we are (as always) happy to place special orders. You can see the product listing in our catalogue here, and learn more about the full line of products at the Grosche website here. I’ve include an excerpt from their social responsibility page below so you can get a feel for how awesome this little company is!

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Grosche, corporate social responsibility is a core tenant of our business. We strive to run our operations as a clean, environmentally-friendly and community-supportive company.


As of 2012, Grosche International has officially become carbon-neutral! We have partnered with to offset all emissions incidental to our business by a factor of 10 through active reforestation projects. Additionally, Grosche has adopted high-efficiency lighting in our office and warehouse, over 50% recycled paper in our packaging, fully re-used and recycled shipping materials, optimized ocean freight paths, and other steps to conserve the environment we share.

Social and Community

envirostewardsWorking with Enviro-Stewards, Grosche was able to donate the installation of 7 water filters to a poor community in South Sudan that not only ensure usable water, but create local jobs as well. The water filters will provide 20,000 litres of clean drinking water per year to their communities.

At Grosche, we are also members of our local Chamber of Commerce through which we endeavour to create good relationships within our own community.

Our Personal Values

Grosche International is a Canadian, family run business. We strive to design and produce high-quality products that lead to better, healthier lifestyles. That is why everything we make is BPA and phthalate free; hand blown and assembled for that personal touch; and double checked to ensure that it meets our expectations- and yours. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your tea and coffee experience by bringing you great products that help to enable a healthy lifestyle.