Intro to Dutch Ovens

I’ve talked about living with a chef to so many customers; yes, I get spoiled. Yes, I still cook. Love to, actually. Our passion about food was one of the attractions in the first place.

I’m getting Glen to help me out in the shop more and more, beyond answering the odd question about a tool. This series of recipes will be the first of many. Part of the Harvest to Holidays Sale are some gorgeous cast iron Dutch Ovens in red, blue and orange. These pots are very versatile; the original “slow cooker”.

Stay tuned for other benefits of having a chef involved in the shop!


Le Cuistot Dutch Oven

Dutch oven cooking is easy and there is very little clean up. The dutch oven has been used for hundreds of years to prepare food over an open fire. Braising, slow cooking, deep fat frying and roasting all came about due to single pot cooking. Follow us over the next few weeks where we will showcase easy dutch oven recipes you can try at home with your family and friends.

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Questions? Requests? Comment below or on our Facebook page, and I can pass it on to Glen!